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Zhang Xiachang introduction

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Zhang Xiachang, male, a Chinese scientist of Finnish nationality, is an expert in the "Thousand Talents Program" and the inventor of printing paper batteries. He has more than ten years of experience in foundation research of paper battery and wearable flexible electronic products. Dr. Zhang is also an internationally renowned expert and leader in the field of flexible printed electronic technology and the circle or industry. He has served as chief technology officer or technical director at well-known printed electronics companies and institutions both at home and abroad. In the end of 2013, with Changzhou High-tech Zone as the base, he founded the first domestic printed industry research and development institution - Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry, and served as general manager and chief technology officer, responsible for promotion and research and development of the industrialization of printed electronics technologies. In 2015, he served as leader of the expert working group for printed electronics standardization of the Standardization Institute under the Ministry of Industry and Information, and participated in the development of the international IEC printed electronics standards as a Chinese representative. 
Zhang Xiachang and his team have been honored with "Influential World Chinese Award" (Phoenix TV), Technology Pioneer Award (Davos World Economic Forum), 2007 Technology People Award (National Academy of Sciences, Finland), European Top 100 most promising technology (Red Herring), the Most Environmental Protection Technology Award in Europe (The Guardian and Library House), 2009 China Technology Entrepreneurship Competition Elite Award, 2011 Key Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Team and other honorary titles for their outstanding contributions to the field of printed electronics.