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PragmatIC and S&S smooth the way for ultra-low cost printed RFID
NovaCentrix releases new PulseForge Invent
Kopin unveils high-brightness breakthrough for Lightning OLED Microdisplays
Dr Zhang Jie full-time return to institute
The 6th National Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics and the First International Printed Electronics Industry Summit Participants to visit the printing electronics industry park photo
Printed e-seminar with guests
Provincial Science and Technology Department Director Wang Qin Research Institute
2015 Alliance Annual Meeting Leaders and Experts
Smart skin for flexible monitoring
Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry

About us​

Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry was established on September 9, 2013. 
It is China's first printed electronics industry technology development institute initiated and built by the local government. It was co-founded by the Changzhou People's Government and Changzhou National High-tech Zone Management Committee...

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    Institute Overview

    Printed electronics technology is the electronics manufacturing technology based on the printing principle;by printed electronics technology,...

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    Printed electronics industrial park

    It is located in the north of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, west of Leshan Road and south of Liaohe Road,enjoying favorable location and convenient transportation. The total construction area is about 40,000 square meters.

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    A Public Service Platform of China’s Printed Electronics Industry

    The public service platform for China's printed electronics industry was co-built by the Institute and the National Ministry of Industry and Information, which is China's sole national-level online government...

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    Integrated printed electronics pilot platform

    The integrated pilot platform will provide public pilot and small-lot production services for start-up companies in the field of printed electronics.

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    Printed Electronics Standard Certification Sub-Center

    Co-built by the Institute and the China Electronics Standardization Institute, the Printed Electronics Standardization Sub-Technical Committee and the Standard Certification Sub-Center were established,...

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    Printed Electronics Public Lab and Testing Center

    Printed Electronics Public Lab and Testing Center is the earliest in China targeted at all domestic and foreign start-up companies and entrepreneurial teams in the field of functional printed electronics,....

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    Printed Electronics Entity Exhibition Center

    The Printed Electronics Entity Display Center was built by the Institute together with IDTECHEX (UK) and OE-A (Germany), the two most influential printed...

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    Printed electronics industry fund

    The printed electronics industry fund initiated and set up by Changzhou High-tech Zone has a scale of 300 million RMB. It will invest in enterprises with mature technologies in the printed electronic industry, and carry out large-scale market-oriented operation of the mature...


Project introduction​

The use of its own policy advantages and fund advantages, relying on industry alliance resources and their ability to judge the technology market, 
Pay attention to the transformation of the existing printing electronic technology achievements and the cultivation of existing technology companies to provide professional environment and promote the printing of electronic technology achievements in technology market and industrialization.

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